Egg-shaped building blocks

With love and care
fostering the seeds of sparkle and flair

GENI toys are indeed
made from the real pieces of nature
and the world around us

You play, you'll smile
that the world is filled with wonderful things

Pictures of children playing with GENI toys

You smile, you'll feel
the desire to learn more
about this beautiful world

You feel, you’ ll discover
the unique strength that you possess

You discover, you’ ll perceive
that it is YOU who can brighten the world

Pictures of children playing with GENI toys


Building blocks image
Building blocks image

“G・E・N” was taken from the first three letters of
the German words “Genie” (genius) and “genuin”
(authentic or honest) and the English word “genuine” (pure),
all of which share the same root. Then we added the “I” in Genie,
creating a word with a cute, childlike sound.
The name carries nuances of discovering childrenʼs natural
abilities through simple structures (“pure”), select materials
and superior processing (“authentic” and “honest”).

Building blocks image
Building blocks image
Building blocks image


T’s LAB is GENI’s company workshop, established in July 2016 in Vietnam.
As the only dedicated Japanese wooden educational toy workshop in Asia, T’s LAB is able to provide products that meet not only Japan’s strict Food Sanitation Act standards and The Japan Toy Association’s ST quality standards, but the European Union’s CE quality standards as well.
The standards we set are even higher than Japanese and European toy quality standards, surpassing FSC certification and other universal standards.
Our goal is to create products that can make children around the world smile, continuously researching wood and toys through production.

Tʻs LAB Co.,Ltd.

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Making children
around the world smile with toys.
For children, playing is learning.
Through that play,
their surprise and delight, thinking,
and communication with the people
close to them awaken the limitless
possibilities that sleep inside them.
Toys are
children’ s lovable partners.
We hope to give children
around the world happy memories
and the strength to soar through
the wide world.
Our craftsmanship got its start in a preschool classroom that was established in 1988.
We had professional preschool teachers and children try out our products, working with them to create toys that had value.
Play methods designed to suit the development of fingers and thought processes .
Colors that attract children’ s attention.
We combine the things we learned in the preschool classroom with our focused, extensive experience in creating educational toys of long-lasting, dependable quality.

Ed.Inter Co.,Ltd.

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